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Okay, so what is a "Tag"?

The short answer? It's a little snippet of a song.

The longer (and better) answer? A barbershop "tag" can be defined, in music theory terms, as: the last few measures at the end of a barbershop song, during which the song's harmonic and dramatic tension are heightened before a final resolution in the last measure. A "tag" is roughly analogous to a "Coda" in Classical music theory. Many tags are good enough to be sung as short, stand-alone works of music. The stand-alone nature of a tag is the reason tags are popular among the barbershop harmony community. Four strangers who have never sung together before, and who probably do not share a common song repertoire with each other, can teach each other a tag relatively quickly, and can therefore enjoy creating harmony together that much quicker.
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I also write arrangements of full songs. If you are interested in one of these arrangements, please contact me:
Terry S. Chapman arrangement list
Song Name: Composer: Style:
"It Was Almost Like A Song"(as sung by Ronnie Milsap) Archie Jordan & Hal David Acapella Ballad
"Somewhere Down the Road"(as sung by Barry Manilow) Cynthia Weil & Tom Snow Acapella Ballad
"Kiss The Girl"(from Disney's Little Mermaid) Alan Menkin & Howard Ashman Acapella Calypso
"High and Drysville" (as sung by Cadence) Aaron Jensen Acapella Jazz
"Too Close For Comfort" Larry Holofcener, George Weiss, & Larry Bock Acapella Jazz
"The Duck Song" Bryant Oden Acapella Kid's Tune
"Little Angel" Terry S. Chapman Acapella Lullaby
"Birdhouse In Your Soul" They Might Be Giants Acapella Pop
"Naturally" (as sung by Huey Lewis) Huey Lewis Acapella Pop
"Here I Go Again" Whitesnake Acapella Rock Ballad
"I'll Be There For You" (as sung by Bon Jovi) Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora Acapella Rock Ballad
"Beautiful Bonnie Belle" Terry S. Chapman Barbershop
"Carry On" Terry S. Chapman Barbershop
"Gather 'round" Terry S. Chapman Barbershop
"I Get So Blue" Terry S. Chapman Barbershop
"Keep Dreaming Of You All Night" Terry S. Chapman Barbershop
"When the Sun is Gone" Terry S. Chapman Barbershop
"When the Robins Nest Again" Frank Howard Barbershop
"Wish A Merry Christmas" Terry S. Chapman Barbershop (Xmas)
"Anything But A Tie" John Jacobson & Mac Huff Barbershop (Xmas)